What To Expect

My wish is for the session to be FUN and EASY for everyone!  These reminders may help.  : )

  • My style is simple and natural.  Feel free to bring a few special items if you wish, just remember that simple is best and less distracting.
  • Don’t force your kids to “say cheese” or look at the camera.  I’ll work on capturing the beauty of your child just the way he/she is!
  • Pick a time that works for your kids – consider their nap and meal times.
  • Feel free to bring a little snack if necessary, just make sure it’s not messy.  ; )
  • Please remove any band aids, tattoos or stickers from your child.
  • Don’t worry about a little cut or scratch – those can be fixed in the editing room.
  • I’m not going to lie, sometime a little “bribe” can work wonders for a little one’s cooperation.  I won’t judge – been there, done that!
  • Please feel free to call/email/text with any concerns or questions.

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What To Wear

  • Coordinate. Matching outfits are overrated… coordinating outfits look natural and give each family member a chance to express themselves a bit differently!
  • Layer up! Adding multiple layers to outfits can add interest to your images, and it creates more options during the photoshoot. For example, bring along a cute jacket, a coordinating button-down, a crisp new undershirt… or all of the above!
  • Texturize. Cable-knits, ribbed sweaters, denim jackets… they all an extra boost of texture that will add to the feel of your photos.
  • Accesorize. Accessories can be lots of fun! A cute hat, fun bows or headbands, a cute bag, extra bracelets, etc. can add a touch of flair to any shoot. And remember, just because you bring them doesn’t mean they’ll appear in every photo (unless, of course, you want them to!!!)
  • Stay simple. Remember, these pictures will most likely be on your walls twenty years from now. Crazy, ultra-trendy patterns or logos can take away from the main focus of your photos: your family. Think long-term and search for classic outfits that will stand the test of time.

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